joy is coming.

we are going to the place
where unsalted butter flies
but when it leaves
it's unsalted no more

bring a helmet.

we will do things together

you wanted to do this
you loved to do this
you stopped doing this

i loved that you wanted to do this
i loved to watch you do this
i was sad when you stopped doing this

i miss your lips.

all this time,
all these experiences
all our moments

and i've had the wrong pda

still need to be mindful of the sand, though

stop. relax.

newly shared experiences


my eyes are opened
our bodies relaxed

i dismiss nothing
i understand the facts

and when the facts fail me
an experience is shared

nothing can hurt us
when we do things in pairs

tell me on a sunday.

the birds and the bees

the animals and the trees

the love abounds

when the sun goes down

i hope that on sunday,
you tell me you had fun on saturday

in their multitude.

in durango last seen
this time, together

lets steal a moment of beauty
that's just us